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Getting clear on your Goals

Updated: Jan 19

Getting clear on your goals

We are deep into January.  New Years has come and gone, it is bitterly cold and the sun has been out a mere 2 or 3 days in the year.  How are you feeling?  How are you feeling about your New Year's resolutions if you made any?  Are you still on track?  These are questions that come up time and time again for myself and my clients at this time of year.  It is now time to you to be getting clear on your goals for 2024!


If we haven't kept up with the resolutions, then the cycle of shame and guilt set in.  Does this sound familiar?  But know there is a way out.  This is also why I never set out "resolutions" at New Year.  For me personally, it is an arbitrary date on the calendar that is just a just marking point, like Monday.  But how many times have you said to yourself, "New meal plan starts Monday!" and then Tuesday comes and goes and you are eating take out still.  Please note that we have all done it, and there is no judgment.  We get caught up with life. 


While New Year can be a great time to re-evaluate goals, and to reflect back on the year past (this is something that has become an annual ritual), I like to not place pressure on myself to set up definitive resolutions where I lose momentum 8 days in.  If you are looking at changing anything in your life - break it down to smaller pieces that you know you will stick to.  Also, a great coaching tip if you are 100% committed to changing and breaking a habit, what small step or action can you take RIGHT NOW. Literally, within the next 5 seconds, what is something you can do? 

You are more likely to find excuses on not to change after 5 seconds of the initial thought.  Why?  Our mind and bodies are creatures of habit.  The subconscious mind and controller of our nervous system are designed to keep you "safe."  Anything outside of what you have been doing previously will be considered a subconscious "threat" and you will lose the momentum to keep going.  This is why change needs to be consistent, slow as well as mental.


As an energy coach, I work with the subconscious, to help clear away any thought patterns that may be holding you back as well as training your nervous system against your new normal.  We train your brain and body to recognize any changes you are seeking are safe and easy to continue.  We clear away the energetic blocks that are holding you back and allow a new story to emerge.


Here are some journal prompts and my goal action step guide to get your subconscious in alignment with any new change you wish to do:


  1. Make a conscious decision right now that you wish to make a change.

  2. Take a moment and do a deep visualization of where you wish to see your self in a years time.  What are you doing, eating, wearing?  Who are spending time with?  Anything goes here - just start writing.

  3. Based off your visualization, what is one small step that can lead you to where you see yourself in 12 months time?  What small action can you do right now that will not feel too overwhelming?  (if you are looking to start a new work out regime, what small exercise can you start with?  If you are looking to save money, open up a free opportunity account and place $1 or more in there.  If you are looking to reduce sugar from your daily intake, take a quick inventory of your food in your kitchen)

  4. Make a plan for the next week of additional small steps.  Make a commitment to yourself that these are steps you can do.  If you miss one, do not beat yourself up - as soon as you remember and are able to, take action!

  5. Journal out after the first week and see how you feel.  What are you noticing in your body?  How are you responding to the action steps - is there still any resistance?  If you are noticing resistance to any of the action steps you committed to, stay with those feelings and explore them.  Where do they come from? What is stopping you? 


Set aside a day of the week that works as your new starting point.  Set some time aside on this day and reflect back - how did the week progress or you? Did you accomplish your tasks and goals?  Notice the questions on resistance and if there was any - really explore into it.  Without the explorations, the answers will not come.  How would you like the next week to play out? What further steps can you introduce that seem like a little stretch, but still comfortable that will not overwhelm the mind and body?


Remember - any change requires consistency.  But we want to do it so that we don't shock the system and have you shut down.  If you are looking for additional assistance with clearing, or even help on getting clear - I am here to help.  As an Energy coach I will help you uncover the blockages as well as give you clear guidance and hold you accountable.


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