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Reducing Inflammation and Supporting Your Immune System

Updated: Feb 16

By Tanya Hamlet, Hons. B.S.c, RMT, MLD

Winter is officially here bringing with it colder temperatures, snow and a flurry of colds, flus and viruses.  We are all looking for ways to stay as healthy as we can be and support our immune systems. The Lymphatic System is one of the systems in our bodies whose function is to support the immune system.  As a certified manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, this therapy can be used as a great tool to help reduce inflammation and keep colds and flus at a distance.  For those that have never tried MLD it is a very relaxing, hands-on treatment that is comprised of a series a superficial stretch and twist motions that aid in stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid within the body.

Additional ways of supporting our immune system include eating and drinking foods that helps to reduce inflammation in our bodies.  By now, most of us have heard about turmeric and the awesome benefits it has especially when it comes to fighting inflammation.  I came across this really simple and delicious recipe for Golden milk latte that can help incorporate turmeric into our diets and help strengthen our immune system.

Below are the ingredients you will need to make the mix

Anti-inflammatory Golden Milk Latte mix:

  • 1 cup turmeric powder

  • ½ teaspoon ground cloves

  • 4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • 2 teaspoons cardamom powder

  • 2 tablespoons ginger powder

  • ½-1 tablespoon black pepper


Combine these ingredients into container such as a mason jar, cover and shake to combine. Use a ratio of 1 tsp of mix for every cup of milk or liquid of your choice when making your drink.  I used warm milk and sweetened it with maple syrup and it was absolutely delicious. You can also use cold milk combine in a shaker and serve over ice for an iced latte drink.


The great thing about this mix and keeping it on hand is that it can be incorporated into other food such as oatmeal or pancakes.

Fun fact:

Black pepper is a must when using turmeric because it helps to substantially increase our body’s ability to absorb its nutrients.


Remember to book in for your initial Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help support your Lymphatic and Immune System during this winter season.

Post your Golden Milk Tea/Latter creations to our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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