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Working with a Nutrition Coach

Making nutritional changes is difficult, regardless of your motivation.  Whether you are trying to lessen inflammation, lose weight, become more mobile, or gain more control over your eating, making changes on your own can be frustrating.  Have you ever done amazingly in your first week, but then slide back into routine, cursing yourself all the while? It is a pretty common human experience.

It’s important that you understand, you are not alone. “Diets” fail.  A lot. The common number we see in research hovers around 95%, when considering weight loss diets and regain.  The thing is, healthy eating isn’t all about weight loss. There are many reasons that we need to make nutritional changes, and we need a better strategy than a cookie cutter list of “Good” and “Bad” foods.

We know that diet can override our predisposition to disease, so it is critical to figure out a way to make lasting changes.  It IS possible! The key is making these changes fit into your lifestyle, and having some support and accountability worked into your plan.

A Nutritional coach is someone who will not only offer tips and guidance on how to implement nutritional change, but will also provide you with the support you need to stick with it. If you feel like you just don’t know where to start when it comes to eating healthy or you just can’t seem to figure out what’s not working, then a nutritional coach may be just what you are looking for.

If you want to make lasting changes, it is important to talk about fostering healthy relationships with food, and finding balance with new eating habits.  These are equally important as the day to day “What, when and how” to eat. Our relationships with food are formed over our lifetime, and making over night changes is simply not realistic. Making real  nutritional change is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. This is all about sustainable change.

So what can you expect when you work with a Nutrition Coach?

1. The First Step

For many people taking the first step is the hardest. Having a support system in the initial stage as well as a defined first step makes all the difference in the beginning and in the long run. Starting to explore your own motivations for change, as well as your attitudes and patterns with food are all explored.  When working with a Nutritionist, you will set weekly goals together that are realistic and doable, and that ultimately move you toward your end goal.

2. Accountability

Have you ever given up when the going gets tough? Working with a nutritionist provides you with the accountability and stability needed to help you stick with it. Having someone hold you accountable has a significant impact on your overall success.

3. Information

It is pretty common to have LOTS of questions when starting a new way of eating.  Should I eat this? How often should I eat? Why am I not losing weight? Does it really matter if I just have a tiny bit of a specific food? An effective coach can provide you with the knowledge and resources to navigate all of these questions and then some. It is also important that a Nutrition Coach encourage you to seek out information, to immerse yourself in learning.  This information provided from a real person will make your journey that much more positive and effective.

4. Reassurance

Everyone hits a few bumps along the way. You may be second-guessing the process, wondering if it is really worth it, and trying to assess if you really are making the right choices.  A nutrition coach is able to provide you with the reassurance you need to stay consistent and persevere even when you’re questioning everything.

5. Encouragement

We all want to see progress quickly. Your nutrition coach can provide you with encouragement when you’re feeling less than successful to help you keep pushing to reach your goals.

6. Manageable Goals

Part of what a nutrition coach does is to help you identify goals that are realistic and that fit your lifestyle. A plan that fits in your life is one that you’re going to stick to.

7. Solutions

A healthy lifestyle is about so much more than just calories or macros. Food is so important, but only one part of your health.  A nutrition coach will help you evaluate all aspects of your lifestyle and establish solutions that focus on your overall wellness rather than just changing what you eat. Are you a stress ball?  Unable to sleep at night? Chronically under hydrated? Looking at you holistically is where we start.

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