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Wonder Why You Have IBS?

By Dr. Alison Danby, ND

Do you have gas, bloating, abdominal pain, or stool issues?

You are not alone!

Up to 20 percent of the population in North America suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition that negatively affects daily life. Finding the root cause of IBS isn’t always an easy or quick road, but there is hope if you are suffering.

Instead of digging deeper to identify the underlying cause(s), conventional medicine typically offers medications to suppress gut symptoms. IBS doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence.

Check out these 5 lesser-known causes of IBS:

1. Gut Dysbiosis

  1. Is a change in the composition of the gut bacteria

  2. Plays a role in IBS but has had success in addressing IBS with prebiotics and probiotics

  3. SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) - bacteria is now in the wrong location of the digestive tract

2. Gut Permeability (AKA Leaky Gut)

  1. The GI tract is lined with a single layer of tightly packed epithelial cells designed to keep pathogens and other unwanted species out of the bloodstream. If the barriers between cells become permeable, undigested protein molecules and bacterial toxins can pass through and trigger immune reactions and inflammation.

  2. Low levels of E-cadherin, a protein involved in regulating gut permeability, have been reported in IBS sufferers who experience diarrhea and/or constipation.

3. Gut Infection

  1. Modern lifestyle has compromised the gut’s ability to resist infections from pathogenic bacteria and parasites.

  2. Gut permeability, gut dysbiosis, and high stomach pH from chronic PPI use create more opportunities for pathogens to overwhelm or bypass the gut’s immune defenses.

IBS can be an unpredictable and even debilitating condition. Identify and address the underlying causes of IBS outlined above and fix your diet habits.

Does any of the this resonate with you?


Then join me for GUT health month on my podcast Autoimmune Simplified. This month we did a deep dive into DIGESTION —> Leaky Gut, Inflammation, and SIBO! Even if you don’t have autoimmune these episode will still highlight these important topics.

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