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What is Energy Coaching

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Now - what exactly is energy coaching? Honestly - it is amazing, if I do say so myself. As an Energy Coach, we discuss what is on your heart. Often times we don’t speak what is on our heart, either due to unprocessed or possibly repressed emotions or we can't truly articulate what is on our heart, because we just haven't asked - and I find in my sessions, it might even take a few minutes to really get to the Root of the matter because of this (pun intended). Once we find the Root or what I refer to as the "throughline," we dive further in. Through questions and curiosity, we ask your body what it wishes to share. When we allow ourselves the space and grace to honour our feelings and the emotions we are enduring or even the struggles we are facing, we can sometimes gain a different type of perspective. We do this in Energy Space - a tranquil area where we are nothing and everything all at once. In Energy Space, we allow truth to come forward and this brings about the great wisdom. Often times when we feel stuck, blocked or looking to solve an issue at hand and we allow ourselves to get quiet and curious, with you being so deeply held and listened to, YOU find what you are looking for. Our body and our soul often have the answers that we seek - but we sometimes become so consumed with our everyday life that we learn to ignore the signals of the body. Through Energy Coaching - we learn to sit with ourselves and our body and we connect back to ourselves and we can find peace. I do not provide the answers, but instead I provide a safe space to allow you explore your own inner realm for the answers you seek - and you will find them. If you are curious and wish to know more information - feel free to book a 30 minute discovery call. We can map out a path forward, together. *All discovery calls include a single Oracle Card pull should you want further clarity*

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