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Create a New You in 2024 with Osteopathy

Updated: Jan 19

Create a new you in 2024 with Osteopathy

The calendar has flipped and perhaps you’re thinking ‘let’s try something new’. You’re changing your diet, getting more exercise, but have you thought about changing your therapy? Have you thought about a different approach? Perhaps you have hit a plateau with your current therapist and don’t know where to turn. Has a family member or friend suggested Osteopathic therapy to you but you never really looked into it? That’s how most people arrive in my office, through word of mouth. Osteopathy isn’t a new therapy but it is new to most people’s awareness.

Osteopathic therapy is a very broad term for a hands on (manual) type of treatment. It is a whole body approach to help resolve whatever issue you present with, whether it’s a digestive complaint, headaches, post injury recovery, vertigo, and so on. The osteopathic manual therapist’s job is to look at the entire you and treat the cause of your condition for long lasting effects. Various techniques will be used to put you back into one functional unit and alleviate the symptoms you presented with.

Osteopathy is gentle and very interactive as the therapist works as a facilitator to maximize the body’s inherent healing ability. This therapy is definitely a good fit for those who have negative reactions to aggressive hands on manipulation. My approach is more sensorial, meaning I use more subtle but powerful techniques. These range from cranial osteopathy to bio-dynamic (fluid) approach to visceral osteopathy(working with the organs). There is a misconception that the term ‘osteopathy’ applies to bones only. It refers to all living tissue and as there are so many different tissues in the body including: bones, organs, fluid, and soft tissue, so are there many techniques to treat them.

I encourage you to try something different in 2024. If you want to book an appointment but need assurance that I’m the right fit for you, I am happy to speak with you on the phone or in person for a complimentary meet and greet. Otherwise, please feel free to book an initial appointment online or by phone. Looking forward to helping you to create a New You in 2024 with Osteopathy!

Catherine Cartwright, BA(HonPE), DipSIM, D.O.M.P.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner


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