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Could you be deficient in this important vitamin?

By Dr. Sarah Thomson, ND

September is here, which means the cooler weather is coming (sorry to be the one to say it!).

As we say goodbye to summer, we are also saying goodbye to a very important vitamin…vitamin D!

Throughout the summer months, we are actually able to get some of the vitamin D our bodies need from sun exposure. However, as the seasons change and we head into fall and winter, we unfortunately are no longer able to make vitamin D like we were able to when out in the summer sunshine. With that said, suboptimal vitamin D levels or true deficiencies are a common occurrence for many of us living in Canada.

So why is talking about vitamin D at this time of year so important?

Vitamin D is a powerhouse nutrient with many health benefits! We want to ensure our vitamin D levels are optimal to support immune function, thyroid and hormone health, pregnancy and fertility, bone health, mental health and more.

Vitamin D is a popular supplement used by many, but knowing the correct dose for you personally is key! Your naturopathic doctor is able to check your vitamin D level through blood work to determine your baseline level and advise on how much vitamin D you should be taking based on your current status. Taking the right dose of vitamin D for you personally can make a massive difference in your health!

Let’s set our bodies up for success this season and get those vitamin D levels checked!

Your future self will thank you!


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