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Common Toxins in your personal care products

  1. Phthalates- usually found in nail products and scented products

  2. Silicone chemicals- found in hair care products, moisturizers and cosmetics

  3. Sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate- found in shampoos, soaps and toothpaste

  4. Triclosan – found in antibacterial products

  5. Parabens- found in cosmetics and moisturizers

  6. Petrolatum – found in lip, skin and hair products

  7. BHA and BHT- found in moisturizers, makeup and some fragrances

  8. Coal tar derived colours (PPD)- found in hair dye

  9. Artificial Musks- found in products that contain fragrance or parfum, moisturizers, and cosmetics The list was put together by the environmental defense. For more information on the type of illnesses these chemicals are linked to please visit


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