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ADP Assessment and Lymphatic Massage

by Tanya Hamlet, RMT

Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Assessment and Authorization

ADP is a financial assistance program run by the Ministry of Health that aids with purchasing of Compression Garments. The program covers 75% of the cost of compression garments used in the treatment of Lymphedema. Enrolment in the program consists of an individual presenting with the signs and symptoms of Lymphedema and/or chronic swelling filling out an application form. An assessment and signature is a required component of enrolment into the program. As an ADP authorizer, Tanya will perform the assessment which entails gathering health history information, a physical examination of the affected area as well as compression garment recommendations. Once all the criteria have been met the forms will be signed and dated.

Spring is here !!!

As the saying goes “ April Showers brings May Flowers” and with those beautiful blooms rings pollen and allergies. The sneezing, stuffy noses and sinus pressure can be so frustrating to deal with! If you are looking to get some relief why not try a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Facial?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized therapy that encourages the natural drainage of Lymphatic fluid within the body. It uses a series of strokes, gentle touches and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate the lymph flow. During the facial these techniques will be applied to the head, neck and face to stimulate lymph flow and reduce puffiness and sinus pressure related to seasonal allergens and/or pollen.


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