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Reiki - Rei (Universal light) Ki (Energy)

Usui Reiki is a healing modality founded by Mikao Usui in 1922. Usui-Sensei wanting to reach enlightenment and under training of Zen teacher that would guide him to this state. It was suggested that Usui-Sensei go and mediate and fast. He did this on Mount Kuruma and was up on the mountain with no food or water for 21 days. On day 21, a bright light entered the top of his head and he became unconscious. When he awoke, he noticed that he no longer weak and on the verge of death from weeks of no food or water; but instead, revitalized.

He took this new found energy and noticed he felt the energy coming from his hands and would elevate any pain he touched.

This information has been passed on from Master to student since then; and all lineage of Usui Reiki dates back to his first teachings.

As a Reiki Master-Teacher, I have studied the technique in depth and I am an open channel to the Divine Universal Light Force Energy. Through a Reiki session, you can expect to feel extremely relaxed, allowing for the body to accept the energy that is being channeled from the practitioner to the client. With gentle hands on application to the body (with full consent and respecting all boundaries) the energy is transferred from practitioner to client. It is not that I am giving you my Life force Energy, but as mentioned, I am just a conduit for this Life Energy

While the potential benefits from Reiki are endless, the real benefit is relaxation and a calming of the nervous system so that we can ensure we are balanced to take on even the most stressful moments in life.

Come and experience a Reiki session with me today.

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