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Naturopathic Medicine

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The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

The practice of Naturopathic Medicine has its foundation in the six underlying principles of healing. It is these principles that distinguish the profession from other medical approaches:

First, Do No Harm

By employing safe and effective natural therapies, Naturopathic Doctors are committed to the principle of causing no harm to the patient.

The Healing Power Of Nature

It is the healing power of nature that restores health when sickness arises. It is this same power that maintains the body in a state of vitality. Naturopathic Doctors are trained to support and nurture the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

Treat the Cause

Naturopathic doctors attempt to identify the underlying cause of illness rather than simply eliminating or suppressing symptoms.

Treat the Whole Person

Many factors can affect our well being including- physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors. A Naturopathic Doctor carefully evaluates the whole person to provide a treatment plan that meets their unique needs.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The prevention of disease and the attainment of optimal health are key objectives in naturopathic care. Naturopathic Doctors assess risk factors and motivate people to adopt and maintain a health-promoting lifestyle.

Doctor as Teacher

Naturopathic Doctors provide the tools to patients to allow them to assume greater responsibility for their own health. The Naturopathic Doctor is able to guide and assist patients with this process.

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