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Energy Coaching

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Energy Coaching with Loretta

Energy coaching is a modality like no other.

Have you noticed that you are really disconnected? Do you experience an overwhelm of emotions and sensations and cannot find the time or will to listen to them? Are you looking for an experience of calm in your life?

Look no further - I am here to be your guide. With Energy coaching, we settle into a space of deep awareness and connection with the body. We allow the body the space and grace it needs to voice what is going within us. Through gentle exploration, we get curious and listen to what our body is wanting us to know. We all have the answers within ourselves, however, often through external factors, we learn to shut out our emotions and ignore them completely.

Ignoring our emotions has shown to increase stress and inflammation in the body. Through this gentle approach, we work with the body and find ways that best work for YOU in order to be able to come back and live your most nourishing, balanced life possible!

I was there! I worked a corporate 9-5 job that was demanding, stressful, little to no reward and did not offer a work/life balance, despite the company's promises. I became extremely overweight, angry, my nervous system was on overload and cooking dinner became an impossible task! Through much self-evaluation and exploration, taking time to honour myself, I have since learned to regulate my nervous system, set clear boundaries, listen and deliver on what my body needs and follow my intuition. I dropped the added weight (through help with a naturopath - but I needed permission with my self to even ask for help!), I am less stressed, and I actually ENJOY making dinner now.

Book a complimentary discovery call to find out how Energy Coaching may be the final approach you need to fully get in tune with what you feel you are missing.

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