About Karen Lynne
Karen Lynne is a Registered Psychotherapist and holds a Master’s designation in Psychosomatic Therapies.  Karen attended the University of Texas, majoring in Fine Arts and Theater. She has Master’s designations in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Integrative Energy Therapies, and Psycho-somatic Therapies. She has certifications from the Transformational Arts College as a Spiritual Psychotherapist, and a Spiritual Director and a Degree from the Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy. Recently she completed the Gestalt Institute’s 2 Year Professional Program. She is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the Canadian Humanistic and Transpersonal Association, and the Canadian Association for Integrative Energy Therapies. 

Her coaching and counselling focus is on the healing of distress and disorders of the body/mind/and spirit through the integration of specific emotional and psycho-somatic therapies. Karen has more than 30 years experience in human development education and therapy. She founded a successful training, education, and wellness company in 1992, consulting with some of the largest organizations in Canada. She has studied with world renowned coaches and educators such as Brian Tracy, Hermann Muller, Dr. Brené Brown, Dawson Church, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Stephen Covey.

Karen’s work focuses on the advancement of human consciousness,utilizing a variety of therapeutic and energetic therapies from her extensive background. Her client’s find positive restorative and regenerative growth, and improved awareness during their sessions with Karen, feeling very supported through her genuine compassion and love.

Karen is also trained as a:

  • Sonic Reiki Master
  • Advanced Integrative Energy Therapist
  • Gestalt Therapist
  • EFT Therapist
  • Ascension Integration Master Trainer
  • Neuro-Linguistic Therapist
  • The Daring Way™ Facilitator
  • Rising Strong™ Facilitator

Holistic Psychotherapy offers confidential support and the tools to help you:

  • Deal with Anger and Rage
  • Heal Loss and Grief
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Stop Abuse
  • Cope with Stress
  • Transform Relationships
  • Overcome Addictive Behaviours
  • Transform Shame into Courage
  • Find Spiritual Meaning and Purpose

Karen believes that it is every person’s birthright to have wellness and the freedom to live their very best lives and to reach their greatest potential.